If I told you that a kitchen appliance can transform your life, would you believe me? Well, let me introduce you to the Thermomix® TM5.

Thermomix® TM5 is the kitchen appliance of all kitchen appliances. It is a blender, food processor, stand mixer, food scale, dough maker, with a built-in heating element that sautés, cooks, and steams. The Thermomix® combines more than twelve appliances and functions (weighing, mixing, chopping, milling, kneading, blending, steaming, cooking, whisking, precise heating, stirring, and emulsifying) into ONE handy machine. It’s literally “the world’s smallest, smartest kitchen” and it is now available in the United States!

Thermomix® isn’t a new thing. It has been widely popular in Europe and Australia for a few decades. My family in Cyprus has owned and loved their Thermomix® for over 20 years, so when it became available in the U.S., I knew I HAD to get one.

Why I LOVE My Thermomix®

Call me crazy, but my Thermomix® is my most trusted and efficient sous chef! You see, my Thermomix® can do anything that I can, but better and faster. It helps me with everything – from chopping veggies, to milling flours, to grating cheese. I have made the most delicious sauces, light and creamy ice creams, perfect breads, jams, and even butter with the help of my Thermomix®.

Is Thermomix® For Me?

Thermomix® is ideal for everyone! Whether you are a health enthusiast (hello super creamy & thick smoothies!), domestic goddess, busy parent, or even a chef, Thermomix® will change your life. Your cooking potential will be limitless! You will be making foods that Julia Child would be proud of, all while saving time, space, and energy. Oh yeah, I can’t forget to mention that it is so fun to use!

Let Me Be Your Thermomix® Consultant!

The best way to get to fully appreciate what the Thermomix® has to offer is through Cooking Experiences. If you are in the Cincinnati/Dayton or the New York City Area, you can book a hands on demo here or by emailing me at bakedambrosia@gmail.com.

Don’t live in the area? We can still meet online! During an online Thermomix® Cooking Experience, I will show you the Thermomix® in action as well as answer any questions you may have. Just shoot me an email at bakedambrosia@gmail.com to get started.

If you have already know that you want a Thermomix®, click here to purchase.

In the meantime, I am in the process of adding TM5 Instructions to my favorite recipes so that you can make them in your own Thermomix®! Check them out below!

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