Greek Cookies for the Holidays

Hi friends! The holidays are my favorite time of year when it comes to baking! I complied all of my favorite Greek cookie recipes that are popular during the holiday season in one easy to follow cookbook. My book, Greek Cookies for the Holidays features 10+ delicious recipes that you can make and share with your friends and family this holiday season (or year round!). These cookie recipes include recipes like kourabiedes, pasta flora, paximadia, and more! This book will be your go-to-guide for making the best traditional Greek Christmas cookies!

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Recipes included in this Book

  • Kourabiedes pg. 17
  • Melomakarona pg. 19
  • Paximadia (Anise Biscotti) pg. 20
  • Koulourakia pg. 23
  • Petit Four Cookies pg. 24
  • Finikota pg. 26
  • Olive Oil Cookies pg. 29
  • Pasta Flora pg. 31
  • Truffles pg. 33
  • Kariokes pg. 34

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